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Fun, friendship and following Jesus

jellyhearts-lobster20Children are invited to leave the service after the first hymn for Junior Church, going through the door in the Children's Corner to the St Andrew's Centre. If you are new to church please do come with your children to help them settle in if needed and meet the team. You will be welcomed and directed to the appropriate age-specific group. Here is what happens at the 10.30am service each Sunday of the month:

No Junior Church during the school holidays
Please note that Junior Church takes a break during the summer holidays so won't be running from 23 July through to 3 September inclusive - there will be an All Age Service on 10 September and Junior Church is back up and running again on Sunday 17th.

Groups and location:

0-4 year olds meet in the Vestry. We meet every week except for the All-Age Service (we all meet together in Church). We value our smallest and aim to provide a safe, comfortable space for them to be nurtured. We also aim for you, as parents/carers to feel safe and comfortable leaving them so you too can be nurtured in the main Hero Handprints OctAllAge2016abody of the church.
4-7 year olds meet in The Centre hall in the half nearest the church.
7-11 year olds meet in The Centre hall in the half nearest the garden.
11 year olds and up meet in The Upper Room of The Centre.
(You will notice a cross-over of age groups. We will consult parents over moving groups as we are aware that our young people have their own needs and may  be ready to move up earlier or may feel happier in their current group a little longer)


1st Sunday - 

Welcome and gather to introduce our theme. Split into age-specific groups to explore this further through making/baking together, followed by games and IMG1961activities or chill-out time. 

2nd Sunday - 'All-Age Service'

We celebrate this time all together in the main body of the church. Our young people help to lead worship. If your young one is struggling we have a children’s corner where we hope you and your young ones still feel included.  Find out more about our All-Age Services here...

3rd Sunday

Welcome and gather all together then split into our age-specific groups to explore our Bible story through fun activities.

4th Sunday - 

Welcome and gather to introduce our theme then split into our age-specific groups to explore our Bible story through fun activities.. Find out more about Messy Church here...

And when there's a 5th Sunday - 'Themed JC'

Welcome and gather to introduce a special theme for the week. Split into age-specific  groups to explore the theme through games/activities/food. 

PillowcasesFeb17MessyJnrCh croIn February we focussed on worry. We all decorated a pillowcase, signing our names on eachother's so we can remember that, although we might worry (especially while trying to fall asleep), we are not alone and we are loved.

At our September Messy session in Junior Church, we started our year-long look at the Bible in more detail and we learnt that we are all part of the story and the big picture!

Please click here to visit our main page about Children and Young People...
And find out about Messy Church here!
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Children and Youth worker Tracy Plumpton: standrewstracy@gmail.com
If you would be interested in helping with Junior Church please contact Catherine Sleath: 01992 537 867 catherinesleath@gmail.com.   


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