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March 2017


It is what it is Alan talks about trusting in God
Joint Church Weekend Away Details of the weekend at Belsey Bridge Conference Centre
Lent Events Events in Hertford churches to raise funds for Christian Aid
Services Details of services in St Andrew's and St Mary's
Events at St Andrews and elsewhere
Church at 3 dementia friendly service
From the Registers Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals
Think about ...Mothering Sunday Children's page
Our Young people  Tracy shares her thoughts
Heritage Lottery Project
and the Food bank
Funding for urgently needed repairs
Dethroning Mammon Bill talks about the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent book
To be a pilgrim The Bishop of Hertford encourages us to join a pilgrimage.
That was the Church that was Jim Thornton reviews the book


February 2017

Walking in the Dark

Alan talks about God always being there to help us, even in the darkest times. 

Services morning and evening services at St Andrews 
Events Details of forthcoming events
Sele Farm Church Sele Farm Church celebrates 40 years 
From the Registers  details of Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals
A blessing and young asylum seekers A talk about  helping young asylum seekers in Hertfordshire 
Think about  ... The Sermon on the Mount  children's page
We did it!!! With our very own angels watching over us Tracy talks about the TMM sleepout at St Albans Abbey to raise funds for the homeless
Home Groups  and the legend of the first valentine card
A tale of two journalists Jim Thornton talks about Robert Harris and A A Gill.
Living Hope Dawn Carter writes about an African charity that supports people with Aids
Belsey Hall Details of the joint church weekend away


December  2016/January 2017


The Migrant that unites us Alan asks us to extend the "season of goodwill"  to the rest of the year.
Services Forthcoming services at St Andrews
Events Events at St Andrews and the Parish Weekend
From the Registers Details of Baptisms and Funerals  and Home Groups
Christmas Alone 2016 Details of how we can help or take part
Host UK A request for people to host international students who are not going home for the holidays. 
Christmas Puzzles Children's page
Let's talk about spirituality Tracy talks about how we are all growing and developing as part of the church what ever our age.
Christian Aid Challenge Details of funds raised this year and a possible new event. 
Think Positive in 2017 Jim Thornton talks about what love is. 
A Christmas near you A new website enabling people to find their local Christmas services
Fling Wide the Gates Bishop Alan encourages churches to be open during the week. 


Carol Muhr, 01/11/2010

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