Soul Food

Usually on the first Sunday of the month, 7.00-8.00pm, in The St Andrew's Centre

SunsetAre you looking for something different in a church?

Perhaps you're new to St Andrew's or maybe you've been coming for a while and want to explore different aspects of faith. If so, why don't you try something new and join us at our monthly cafe-style service. We call it Soul Food.

Our contemporary café-style evening service is a chance for

worship, creative prayer, time for reflection

We meet for roughly an hour in the St Andrew's Centre behind the Church on a Sunday evening. We have a cup of coffee, pass around the biscuits (optional) and chat about an issue related to Christianity and modern living. Often we share our personal experiences in small groups (this is also optional, you can just listen if you prefer). We throw in a Bible reading and sing a few songs and go home with something to think about. More than anything, our meetings are informal, relaxed and friendly.

Why not join us in 2017?

January 8th A New Year's Covenant
An opportunity to reflect on the past year and entrust the new year to God

February 5th The Eucharist of Hospitality 
In an increasingly inhospitable world, we will gather to affirm God's hospitality towards all. Please join us in solidarity with all who feel unwelcome in this world as we share Christ's meal of grace and freedom. it will be a mix of informal worship and a liturgy called 'The Eucharist of Hospitality'. 

March 5th Into the Desert
In introduction to the season of Lent. Reflecting on the dry and difficult times of our lives.

April 2nd   ‘He set his face…’
Exploring God’s vocation for each one of us           
May 7th   Everyday Resurrection

Finding resurrection at the heart of life                                                                                                    

June 4th   Birth, Wind and Fire

The power of the Spirit in our lives                                                                            

July 2nd   Presence and absence

Where is God?

September 10th   The Mystery of God                                                                                 

October 1st   ‘I can resist anything… 

except temptation’                                                                                      

November 5th  Prayers around the bonfire 

Church Fireworks 6pm @ 39 Port Hill

Please join us

Everyone is welcome, whether you have a faith or not. If you have any questions, please speak to Alan (01992 582726).



 Worship and Prayer 
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