Pilgrims, Artists and Activists

In his most recent book, Vanishing Grace, American author Philip Yancey writes:
‘There are three kinds of Christians that outsiders to the faith still respect;
pilgrims, artists and activists.
The uncommitted will listen to them far sooner than to an evangelist or apologist’

Pilgrims are those who understand that life is as much about the journey as it is the destination; fellow travellers rather than professional guides; folk who are comfortable with dialogue and open to the new. Artists, we could say, are those who try to speak authentically to the human condition through image, melody and movement; those who enable us to make meaning for ourselves. And, finally, Activists are those who express their faith in the most persuasive way of all; by their deeds.

It’s our desire to become a church which engages more with the wider community and seeks to create opportunities to share the hope we have in Christ. We launched a programme of inspiring and un-churchy events to which each of us has been encouraged to invite a friend.

What's already happened...

BeerGlass cropSt Andrew's Beer Festival: Saturday 17 September 2016

The Beer Festival offered a range of interesting beers from around the country, plus ciders and English wines to try. Delicious Cornish Pasties and Ploughman's Lunches were available, plus a fruit cocktail bar, an activity area for children and displays about Pilgrims, Artists & Activists inside the church.

The event was all about changing perceptions of what the church is about. People might ask why on earth a church was running a beer festival but we were delighted to welcome hundreds of people of all ages to St Andrew's for a different kind of event, many of whom would never have considered coming to our church before.

What we learned from our Church Beer Festival

BaytExhibition1July2016Bayt: an exhibition across cultures: 4-9 July 2016
At St Andrew's Church

Hundreds of visitors came to explore the rich heritage of the Middle East through costumes, customs, hospitality and music. To see more of some of the exhibition exhibits, please click here.

Hertford Festival of Peace and Reconciliation: 18-24 January 2016Pax Christi image

In January 2016 St Andrew’s hosted the Pax Christi Icon. Icons are holy images designed to help us glimpse something of the divine. This Icon was specially commissioned from the monastery of St John in the Desert near Jerusalem to promote peace and reconciliation throughout the world. It depicts many of the stories of forgiveness shared by the three monotheistic faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

For more details about the Festival of Peace and Reconciliation, please click here.

Synod Stone Hertford 26 10 15
The Hertford Pilgrimage:
22 November 2015
A Pilgrims' Potter around Hertford:
An introduction to Spirituality, God,
Religion and the Supernatural


Last November, we had a pilgrimage around Hertford, an introduction to spirituality, God, religion and the supernatural...

  • What are we to make of: Puritans and ISIS, Quakers and Charismatics, Witchcraft, Death and Resurrection, Just War and Jihad, Reformation and Destruction, Church and State?
  • Jews, Muslims and Christians are people of the Book, but which book is right?
  • Martyr, Messiah or just a naughty boy?

Is what we see all there is?

  • If God exists, what interference in the world should we expect?
  • If death is not the end, what are the most likely options?
  • If followers of Jesus are supposed to love one another, why are there at least a dozen different groups of Christians in Hertford?

If you'd like to know more, please speak to Jim or Viv Thornton on 01992 584004.




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