Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2020

Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting

This meeting was postponed but will now take place on Thursday 22 October, 8.00pm, by Zoom




Apologies for absence

A.  Meeting of Parishioners

  1. Minutes of previous meeting 
  2. Election of Churchwardens

B.  Annual Parochial Church Meeting

  1. Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting  2019
  2. Matters Arising from the Minutes
  3. Election of Parochial Representatives of the Laity:
    • Representatives to the Parochial Church Council (2)
    • Representatives of the Parish to the Hertford and Ware Deanery Synod (3)
  4. Appointment of Sidesmen
  5. Appointment of Independent Examiner
  6. Report on the Electoral Roll
  7. Report on the audited accounts, statement of funds and property
  8. Comments on the Annual Report 
  9. Churchwardens’ Report
  10. Team Vicar’s Report
  11. Any other business  


 Reports for the Annual Meeting  
Deaner Synod Report 2019 (101.4KB)
APCM Safeguarding Report 2020 (74.2KB)
2019 Accounts Summary for PCC AGM (700.8KB)
Friday Funtime Toddler Group (32.6KB)
Social and Events Committee (82.1KB)
Final Accounts 2019 (268.3KB)
Churchwardens' report for 2019 (111.0KB)
Parochial Church Council Report (169.7KB)
St Andrew's Toddler Group Review 2019 (80.6KB)
St Andrew's Centre (227.4KB)
Sele Farm Church (67.7KB)
Mission Committee report on 2019 giving (92.1KB)
Financial Report for APCM 2019 (101.3KB)
Hertford St Andrew Primary School Report for PCC 2020 (109.0KB)
Church music report for PCC 2020 (123.1KB)
Children and Youth Work (110.8KB)
Bellringers report for 2019 (6.6KB)

Churchwardens, PCC members & Deanery Synod reps
The Diocesan guidance is that Churchwardens, Parochial Church Council members and Deanery Synod reps remain the same until the APCM can take place.

If you would like to apply to be a member of the Deanery Synod or the PCC please download and complete the forms and put them in the post box in the church. 

Nomination for Deanery Synod membership or Nomination for PCC membership
Our Electoral Roll has now been revised for 2020, with the headlines as follows:
Residents/Non-residents: 95/64
TOTAL: 159   (Total for 2019: 160)

Further applications to join the electoral roll can be taken before the APCM   Electoral Roll Application form