Consent Form for Communication

We really want to keep in touch with you. To do this, we need your consent for how we contact you. By signing this form you are confirming that you are consenting to the PCC of Hertford St Andrew holding and processing your personal data.

Please fill in the contact details you want us to use to communicate with you.  Please use a separate form for each individual in your family – parents may complete a form for a child under the age of 16. Those 16 and over should complete their own form.

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How we may contact you

I consent to the church contacting me by  Post    Phone     email
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What we may contact you about 

I consent to the church contacting me for the following purposes (you may select all, some, or none of these options - see small print for more details), informing me about:

 St Andrew’s services, events and information
 News, events and services at local churches or organisations with whom St Andrew’s Church has a connection
 Fundraising activities for St Andrew’s
 Fundraising activities for other charities
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Participating in church life

    If you offer your services on one or more of our many rotas, your name and some of your contact details will be shared within those groups for the purposes of organisation. Please tick the box to acknowledge that you understand and consent to this.

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View our Data Privacy Notice.