Building restoration work
at St Andrew's in 2018 

ScaffoldingSouthSide040518After much planning and prayer, work took place in 2018 to restore essential parts of the stone and roof work at St Andrew’s. Inspections had drawn attention to the swift deterioration of outside areas and much effort went in to obtaining the necessary funds that to enable the work to be completed.

Contractors undertook the detailed and skilled work to repair damage done to the church over many years of weathering and exposure to pollution.

As well as being thankful for the money raised by members of the St Andrew’s family, we appreciate that the project was only possible as a result of a grant that has been received from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The sum received was in the region of £250K.

Throughout the period of planning, we worked in close partnership with WEAL Architects who drew up the plans and oversaw the work on behalf of the PCC. We also valued the work of Lodge and Sons who undertook the work and were on site throughout.


What was going on up there?

Find out what was happening up on the scaffolding during the building restoration work...

The view from the top...
Hertford east panorama 130718