Prayers of Hope

Information from Churches Together in England

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Thousands of Christians lit candles and prayed on Sunday 22 March at 7.00pm and Churches Together in England want to keep the prayer going every Sunday.
While the online witness was extraordinary, not many people were outside to see the candles – and the lighter evenings will make them less visible in the weeks to come. So Churches Together in England is offering a poster to encourage #PrayersOfHope.
Download the posters below. There's one for you if you can print in colour, or a black & white version if you prefer, or one to colour in.
St Paul tells us to pray continually. However, it helps to know that others are also praying at a specific time, so you are encouraged to pray at 7.00pm on Sunday evening. If you want to join in online prayer, here are two options:

  • Premier radio: Prayers of Hope service at 7.00pm on Sundays
  • Baptists Together are broadcasting at 7.00pm on Sundays (and Wednesdays)

Churches in Wales and in Scotland are also taking part in this call to prayer, with Welsh versions of the poster available via the Cytûn website

POSTERS Praying for you, praying for everyone

Praying for you, praying for everyone - COLOUR
Praying for you, praying for everyone - BLACK & WHITE
Praying for you, praying for everyone - TO BE COLOURED IN

POSTERS We are praying

We are praying - COLOUR
We are praying - BLACK & WHITE
We are praying - TO BE COLOURED IN