St Andrew's Beer Festival

The third St Andrew’s Beer Festival is provisionally scheduled for 11 September 2021 - our plans for a 2020 event being halted by Covid-19 restrictions. We are looking forward to another wonderful occasion when we welcome people from across our community to share the delights of good beer (other drinks available!), delicious food, live music and generous hospitality - all within a safe, family-friendly setting.

Meanwhile, please enjoy reading the following article taken from our church magazine - hopefully it will give you a taste of what to expect at our next event!

Beer Festival 2018 poster

Our family-friendly Beer Festival at St Andrew's Church on Saturday 8 September proved to be a wonderful success, with more than 500 visitors enjoying:

* A range of interesting beers
* Live music
* Cornish pasties
* Non-alcoholic options
* Children's activities
* Scarecrow competition
* Bookstall
* and more!

£1,500 donated to WaterAid
With thanks to McCarthy & Stone for their generous sponsorship

Reflections on Beer Festival 2018

“Build it and they will come”. During the final few days of planning I was reminded of the lines from Genesis (or, alternatively, from the movie Field of Dreams). Everything seemed in place for a successful day but, of course, the vagueries of the weather or other unknown circumstances could always interfere.

However they did come! Over 500 adults, plus many young children made Beer Festival 2018 a marvellous success that far exceeded our expectations. Beers began to sell out from 5.30pm, all the pasties and sausage rolls were gone by 6.00pm and people kept coming through the gate until nearly 8.00pm.

For me the best memories were the buzz that surrounded the beer tent throughout the afternoon, the enthusiasm of the musicians who each expressed their enjoyment of playing in the church and the recognition and appreciation by people of our hospitality and outreach.

How good was it that the St Andrew’s football team of 1998 should convene a reunion and watch the video of their victorious Cup Final from that year?! Well done to Colin Harding for organising! Also, how splendid was it that individuals and groups invested so much ingenuity and effort to make their scarecrows? Well done to Barbara Hurford’s Chauncy Court colleagues on their winning effort!

Thank you to each and every individual who made this event possible. There were times when I was in awe of the Rolls Royce machine, otherwise known as the St Andrew’s team of staff and volunteers. Issues were foreseen, problems were solved and hours were spent making sure everything was as we wished it to be.

When they came, the people found a church that was calmly, happily and genuinely ready to welcome them. As a result, church funds were boosted and WaterAid received a donation of £1,500 towards their work of providing clean water and toilets to communities around the world. Well done, everyone!

Chris Seward


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