Here with you Here for you Ban
Welcome to Hertford St Andrew's

No-one belongs here more than you

We are a diverse community from all kinds of backgrounds and with a wide range of different views.

Following the example of Jesus, we welcome all people whatever their status, wealth, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age, health or mobility.

Church should be...Here you’ll find people who have lots of faith and people who feel they have little; people who believe they’ve found what they’re looking for, and people who are still searching. We believe that church should be a safe place to be ourselves; to explore and to question; to worship and to doubt; to fail and to forgive.

We are united in our desire for all people to feel welcome and at home among us, and in time, our prayer is that we will all discover more of the liberating and unconditional love of God. We want to be a church that is not only here for you, but here with you, in the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life.

Archbishop William Temple once famously said that the Church is the one institution that ‘exists for the benefit of those who are not its members’. We are committed to serving not only those within our own church congregation, but within the wider and global community in practical ways and through financial support. 

We don’t believe that Christianity has immediate answers to all our questions but we do believe that Jesus reveals a God who is kinder and more loving than we will ever know; a God who from personal experience knows what it is to be one of us; a God whose arms are always open.  

Our prayer for ourselves is:

‘Grant us clear eyes to see people as you see them,
sensitive feet to stand in their shoes,
warm smiles to welcome them in your name
and such generous hearts that our church
becomes a foretaste of heaven
where every soul you send us finds their loving home,
in the community of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ’


Rev. Alan Stewart, Team Vicar