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Frequently asked questions

Where does our support come from?
Almost all of our income comes from present and past members of the church family.

How can St Andrew's benefit most from my giving?
If you pay tax in the UK, please complete the Gift Aid Declaration (if you have not previously completed one). This will increase the value of your donation by 25%, for a basic-rate tax payer, because we can claim back the tax you have paid.

Conditions for Gift Aid
There is no minimum amount or minimum term for Gift Aid donations. To qualify for Gift Aid tax relief you must pay UK income and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax reclaimed on your donations. If you are are unsure whether you qualify, please contact the Honorary Treasurer (Debbie Hartnett: 01992 509314) or contact the Church Office. You'll find a link to our the Gift Aid form below.

How can I make regular donations?
Regular giving is an enormous help to us in our planning. It also saves effort for the donor. Standing Orders are the easiest way to make monthly/quarterly/annual payments. Please fill in the Standing Order Form and return it to the Honorary Treasurer via the Church Office (address below). We will then send it on to your bank. You can find the form in church, by contacting the Parish Administrator or by downloading the forms using the links below:
Standing Order Form - WORD
Standing Order Form - PDF
Standing Order and Gift Aid Form - WORD
Standing Order and Gift Aid Form - PDF
Gift Aid Form - WORD
Gift Aid Form - PDF

Alternatively, you could use your employer's GAYE Payroll Giving scheme. This is a means of giving from your income before tax is deducted - no Gift Aid Declaration required.

Can I change the level of my regular giving?
Please fill in a new Standing Order Form (details above) and indicate in the space provided that it supersedes your previous instructions. Please return it to the Honorary Treasurer via the Church Office (address below).

What if I pay higher rate tax?
St Andrew's reclaims tax at the basic rate. You can claim additional tax relief (up to the higher rate) by declaring your Gift Aid donations on your Tax Return.

How do I cancel a Gift Aid Declaration?
A single Gift Aid Declaration can now run indefinitely. If you stop paying tax or need to cancel your declaration, please leave a message at the Church Office.

Who should I make a cheque out to?
Please send your cheque to the Honorary Treasurer via the Church Office (address below). You can donate to St Andrew's Church by making a cheque payable to 'Hertford St Andrew PCC'. 

What if my situation changes?
Please notify the Church Office if there are any changes to your name, address or tax situation.

Contact information
The Honorary Treasurer is Debbie Hartnett (01992 509314).

St Andrew's Church Office
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