Searching 4 Faith?

A series of short sessions exploring the Christian faith

Question Mark

For the unconvinced

For those with big questions

For those longing for a deeper faith

For those exploring baptism or confirmation

Relaxed and informal, we explore these questions together…

  • Is there more to life?
  • Jesus who?
  • What difference does God make?
  • Why pray?
  • Why bother with the Bible?
  • Why bother with church?

The most recent Searching 4 Faith course ran in October/November 2017:
Please check back to find out when the next course will be starting.

For more information, please contact Rev. Alan Stewart (01992 582726 ;

One former participant writes:

'I thought Searching 4 Faith would be a refresher course, it turned out to be a revelation! It taught me that God’s work can be seen in everyone and everything. The course is for everyone, with great or little Bible knowledge. It made me stop, look and question the Christian beliefs I take for granted.’

 Worship and Prayer 
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