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May 2019


Magic Pots  

Magic pots continued and forthcoming  Services

Alan encourages us to  "tidy"  our lives and realise what we need to nurture and what we need to leave go of.  
Searching for faith  A new course starts in May
Church matters  Baptisms and Funerals and Wendy's ordination
Forthcoming Events  including talks and seminars
Home Groups  Details of the various groups 
Think about .... Pentecost Children's page
Marathon Musings and Palm Sunday Ponderings  Tracy writes about watching the Brighton marathon and compares it to the original Palm Sunday  when the crowds waited to see Jesus coming. 
Talking money  Debbie gives an update on St Andrew's finances. 
Outreach Third Hope Africa Requiem  and a follow up to the Beer Festival 
Facing a challenge Jenny Mutch  writes about facing challenging times
Could this be Sodom and Gomorrah? Andrew Rixon gives evidence that suggests that a cosmic  air-burst could have destroyed the cities. 
Christian Aid Week 2019 Details of a project supported by Christian Aid


April  2019

Awakening Alan asks what opportunities will God give us to become an answer to our own prayers?
 Services Services at St Andrew's
Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter  Services  including the Easter Monday Pilgrimage 
Church matters Parish weekend away,  concerts, talks and a request for school governors
more church matters    
Home Groups Details of the groups  including a new one
Wendy's Ordination Wendy gives details of what will happen
Outreach  including Wednesday Welcome and Wellbeing church
Requiem for the Child Soldiers Concert at the church in aid of child soldiers in Uganda
Think about .... Palm Sunday Children's page
No one belongs here more than you  Alan's report to the Annual Meeting
Introducing the new Churchwarden Jane Cohen tells us about herself
Andrew's story Claire Goodman describes what happened 
Facing up to cancer Tracy and her family talk about their experiences


March 2019


Alan asks if we can stand in solidarity with those society considers outsiders. 

World Day of Prayer and the Lent Quiet Day
Searching for Faith a new course starts in March.
Services at St Andrew's  Breathe, Soul Food and Meditation and Mindfulness. 
Do you like singing? Open rehearsals for the choir 
Church Matters Coffee morning,  Parish weekend away and Steve Knightley
Lent Events for Christian Aid Events at local churches
Requiem for the Child Soldiers Details of the concert to be held on 6th April at St Andrew's.
Outreach Wednesday Welcome and Wellbeing church
Mothering Sunday Children's pages
 Providing space to explore God in action through Grace Tracy talks about the youth trip to Buckden Towers.
A tribute to Penny A tribute to the retiring church warden.
Deanery Synod       continued Details of Deanery Synod meetings
Not so much a coffee morning, more a ................? Peter writes about the coffee mornings and asks for more volunteers to help. 
Hertford St Andrew Primary School:  A Hidden Jewel
The school gets a Good Ofsted report.