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Sermon Series on Healing

What is Christian Healing?

This autumn there will be a series of sermons reflecting on stories of healing within the Bible:

Sunday 22 Sept 10.30am (Alan)
The healing of the paralysed man
Wednesday 25 Sept 10.30am (Bill)
The pool of Bethsaida
Sunday 29 Sept 10.30am (Wendy)
The haemorrhaging woman
Sunday 6 Oct 10.30am (Melanie)
The man possessed by demons
Sunday 13 Oct 10.30am (Alan)
The ten lepers (All Age)

The sermons will be available here.

 Sermon Series on Healing: 22 Sept-13 Oct 2019 
Healing Sermon four - Legion (MS 06 10 19) (277.3KB)
Healing Sermon three (WS 29 09 19) (276.6KB)
Healing Sermon two (BC 25 09 19) (37.2KB)
Healing - Forgiveness and the faith of friends (AS 22 09 19) (370.3KB)


 Sermons (2019) 
Healing Sermon four - Legion (MS 06 10 19) (277.3KB)
Healing Sermon three (WS 29 09 19) (276.6KB)
Healing Sermon two (BC 25 09 19) (37.2KB)
Healing - Forgiveness and the faith of friends (AS 22 09 19) (370.3KB)
The Lost and Found (Rev. Alan Stewart) 15 Sept 2019 (281.3KB)
The Deadliest Sin (Rev. Alan Stewart) 4 August 2019 (277.3KB)
Protection (Rev. Alan Stewart) 28 July 2019 (275.9KB)
Christ is not his surname (Rev. Alan Stewart) 21 July 2019 (281.9KB)
Moments (Rev. Alan Stewart) 23 June 2019 (276.8KB)
Trinity (Rev. Wendy Sellers) 16 June 2019 (74.1KB)
The Philippian Gaoler (Colin Crowhurst) 2 June 2019 (29.5KB)
The shame stops here (Rev. Alan Stewart) 26 May 2019 (273.9KB)
Love one another (Rev. Wendy Sellers) 19 May 2019 (66.1KB)
The Way Back When We Fall (C Crowhurst) 5 May 2019 (31.0KB)
This Time Tomorrow (Rev Alan Stewart) 17 March 2019 (42.0KB)


 Sermons (2018) 
Christmas Morning 2018 (Rev. Bill Church) (21.3KB)
Midnight Mass 2018 (Rev. Wendy Sellers) (31.5KB)
Advent repent and repair (Rev. Alan Stewart) 16 December 2018 (271.1KB)
Life is short (Rev. Alan Stewart) 18 Nov 2018 (272.1KB)
Sight (Rev. Wendy Sellers) 28.10.18 (54.4KB)
Glory suffers (Rev. Alan Stewart) 21 Oct 2018 (191.8KB)
Knowing God's Forgiveness (C Crowhurst) 7.10.18 (192.0KB)
Toxic (Rev. Alan Stewart) 30 Sept 2018 (45.2KB)
Is it safe to belong? (Rev Alan Stewart) 23 Sept 2018 (44.7KB)
Take up your cross (W Sellers) 16.9.18 (119.3KB)
Gospel of John (W Sellers) 26.8.18 (114.9KB)
love and power (Rev. Alan Stewart) 29 July 2018 (306.5KB)
John the Baptist (W Sellers) 15.7.18 (109.5KB)
Despair and helplessness (C Crowhurst) 1 July 2018 (29.2KB)
The Words of the Prophets (John the Baptist) A Stewart 240618 (192.9KB)



 Sermons (2016) 
ADVENT 4 2016 (Rev. Bill Church) (110.2KB)
Advent Knots (Rev. A Stewart) (270.3KB)
Sele Farm Church 40th Anniversary 2016 (Rev. Bill Church) (103.7KB)
Christ the King - Image of the Invisible God (A Stewart) 20Nov2016 (109.6KB)
Remembrance Sunday 2016 (Rev. Alan Stewart) (184.9KB)
Hungering and Thirsting (C Crowhurst) 30 October 2016 (192.4KB)
Rev Nick Sharp 23 October 2016 (214.9KB)
Reflection (M Henriksson-Bell) 2 October 2016 (108.5KB)
What would Jesus brew (Rev. A Stewart) 25 Sept 2016 (187.5KB)
The Cost of Discipleship (C Crowhurst) 4 Sep 2016 (111.8KB)
TRINITY 13 2016 (Rev. Bill Church) (108.5KB)
Trinity 11 (BCP) 7 August 2016 (Rev. Bill Church) (102.4KB)
Setting a trap for God (Rev. A Stewart) 24 July 2016 (202.0KB)
The sin of certainty (Rev. A Stewart) 3 July 2016 (157.9KB)
Health & Safety (Rev. A Stewart) 26 June 2016 (139.1KB)
To believe is to belove (Rev. A Stewart) 5 June 2016 (186.8KB)
God ahead (Rev. A Stewart) 29 May 2016 (109.0KB)
TRINITY 2016 (Rev. Bill Church) 22 May 2016 (115.9KB)
Pentecost 16 21 grams (Rev. A Stewart) 15 May 2016 (190.0KB)
Ascension Day 2016 (Rev. Bill Church) (102.0KB)


 Sermons (2015) 
Sermon by Rev Bill Church JOHN EVANGELIST 27 Dec 2015 (102.5KB)
Sermon by Rev Bill Church CHRISTMAS 2015 (71.4KB)
Sermon by Rev Bill Church BIBLE SUNDAY 2015 (103.1KB)
Advent Magnificat (A Stewart) 20 Dec 2015 (29.3KB)
First Sunday in Advent (Rev. Bill Church) 29 Nov 2015 (106.5KB)
Lo, he comes (A Stewart) Christ the King 22 Nov 2015 (110.3KB)
When your world falls apart (A Stewart) 15 Nov 2015 (109.7KB)
Sermon by Rev Bill Church Remembrance Sunday 2015 (107.1KB)
What do you want me to do (A Stewart) 25 Oct 2015 (263.2KB)
Sermon by Rev Bill Church 18 October 2015 (108.0KB)
Sermon by Rev Bill Church Michaelmas 27 Sept 2015 (107.1KB)
Humility (A Stewart) 20 September 2015 (108.9KB)
Careless whispers (A Stewart) 30 August 2015 (109.7KB)
The gift of being wrong (A Stewart) 23 August 2015 (187.2KB)
Sermon by Rev Bill Church 16 August 2015 (104.3KB)
The Alabaster Jar (Colin Crowhurst) 2 August 2015 (190.3KB)
The absense of God (Rev. Alan Stewart) 19 July 2015 (277.3KB)
sermon by Rev Bill Church TRINITY 4 28 June 2015 (104.8KB)
Inbetweeners (Rev. Alan Stewart) 21 June 2015 (106.0KB)
Good without God (Colin Crowhurst) 7 June 2015 (84.5KB)

 Eulogy for Evelyn Thompson given by Matthew Bowyer, Friday 29 May 2015
 Sermons from 2014 
Christmas Morning 1914 (Rev Alan Stewart) (49.8KB)
Christmas Eve Midnight - Little Lights (Rev Alan Stewart) (39.8KB)
Christmas 1 2014 (Rev. Bill Church) (34.1KB)
How do we solve a problem like the Nativity? (Rev Alan Stewart) (240.1KB)
Christ the King (Rev Bill Church) 23 November 2014 (188.2KB)
Two Builders Alan Stewart 16 October 2014 (180.2KB)
Sermon by Alan Stewart Remembrance Sunday 2014 (fields of poppies) (107.9KB)
Walk humbly (Rev Alan Stewart) 19 October 2014 (109.2KB)
An Altar in the World (Rev Alan Stewart) 5 October 2014 (106.3KB)
Sermon by Archdeacon Trevor Jones 070914 (280.2KB)

What are you looking for? Alan's sermon from January 2014

 Sermons from 2013 
Great Expectations (Alan Stewart)
Take nothing for the journey (Alan Stewart)
Rejection and the great turning (Alan Stewart)
Nothing shocks God (Alan Stewart)
Peter the Apprentice (Alan Stewart)
Easter Sunday 2013 (Alan Stewart)
Angels and Deserts (Alan Stewart)
The f word (Alan Stewart)


 Sermons from 2012 
Christmas is for the Kids - Christmas Morning 2012 (Alan Stewart) (131.8KB)
Sin (HPtFtU) Advent 2012 (Alan Stewart) (190.0KB)
"What is Truth" - Christ the King (Alan Stewart) (245.1KB)
Motives - Alan Stewart (188.8KB)
Falling into Grace - Alan Stewart (21.5KB)
Easter day 2012 - Alan Stewart (191.4KB)
They say the Messiah is alive - Alan Stewart (142.6KB)
Anger (Alan Stewart) (133.6KB)
Jim's sermon 5 Feb 2012 (182.9KB)
Demons and Disunity - 29 January 2012 - Alan Stewart (203.5KB)
 Sermons from earlier years 
Regrets (Nathaniel under the fig tree) - Alan Stewart (188.4KB)
Advent Mary and John Lewis - Alan Stewart (12.0KB)
Christ the King 2011 - image of God (Alan Stewart) (133.6KB)
Prayer is Oxygen: Part 3 - Alan Stewart (25.7KB)
Prayer is Oxygen: Part 2 - Alan Stewart (185.1KB)
Prayer is Oxygen: Part 1 - Alan Stewart (165.6KB)
Stewardship Sunday - Alan Stewart (26.2KB)
Remembrance Sunday 2009 - Melanie Seward (27.1KB)
The Christmas Story according to St Cadbury - Alan Stewart (72.3KB)


Here you'll find the address given by Rev. Bill Church at the funeral of Cyril Austin in September 2012.