Soul Food

March 2020: Although St Andrew's has had to close and our services and activities have been suspended, we remain Here with you and Here for you.

Usually on the first Sunday of the month, 7.00-8.00pm, at St Andrew's
Are you looking for something different in a church?

Perhaps you're new to St Andrew's or maybe you've been coming for a while and want to explore different aspects of faith. If so, why don't you try something new and join us at our monthly service. We call it Soul Food.

Our contemporary café-style evening service is a chance for

worship, creative prayer, time for reflection

We meet for roughly an hour in St Andrew's Church or St Andrew's Centre (behind the Church) on a Sunday evening. We have a cup of coffee, pass around the biscuits (optional) and chat about an issue related to Christianity and modern living. Often we share our personal experiences in small groups (this is also optional, you can just listen if you prefer). We throw in a Bible reading and sing a few songs and go home with something to think about. More than anything, our meetings are informal, relaxed and friendly.

Please join us

Everyone is welcome, whether you have a faith or not. If you have any questions, please speak to Alan (01992 582726).

Our Soul Food dates for 2020: 

5 Jan, 2 Feb, 1 March, 5 April (Palm Sunday), 3 May, 7 June (Trinity), 5 July, 6 September, 4 Oct, 1 Nov (bonfire 6pm)