Here you will find the Intercessions from our Sunday Parish Communion Service, posted where possible week by week. We hope that this proves to be a valuable resource. Please click on the link and you will be able to view and download the document.

More details about prayer at St Andrew's can be found here.


Intercessions (P Risby) Pentecost 20 May 2018 (219.6KB)
Intercessions (J Bunney) 29 April 2018 (72.1KB)
Intercessions (A Goodman) 18 March 2018 (62.8KB)
Intercessions (A Goodman) 25 February 2018 (41.5KB)
Intercessions (P Risby) 4 February 2018 (196.6KB)



Image courtesy of thepathtraveler / FreeDigitalPhotos.net