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Here you will find the Intercessions from our Sunday Parish Communion Service, posted where possible week by week. We hope that this proves to be a valuable resource. Please click on the link and you will be able to view and download the document.

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The Prayer of Stillness

A brief guide by Rev. Wendy Sellers to The Prayer of Stillness, as practiced by the Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer.

 Intercessions 2020 
Intercessions (A Goodman) 5 July 2020 (89.1KB)
Intercessions (H. Chaplin) for 28 June (62.4KB)
Intercessions (Forbes Mutch) Sunday 31 May 2020 (50.4KB)
Intercessions (Melanie Seward) Wednesday 20 May (37.0KB)
Intercessions Sunday 17 May 2020 (Jo Willis) (37.2KB)
Intercessions Sunday 10 May 2020 (Christopher Maunder Taylor) (62.7KB)
Intercessions Sunday 3 May 2020 (Charles Ledsam) (45.8KB)
Intercessions 19 April 2020 (A Goodman) (65.0KB)
Prayers - Easter Day 2020 (32.0KB)
Intercessions Palm Sunday 2020 (42.7KB)
 Intercessions 2019 
Intercessions (A Goodman) 1 Dec 2019 (58.4KB)
Intercessions (A Goodman) 18 August 2019 (52.4KB)
Intercessions (A Goodman) 21 July 2019 (50.0KB)
Intercessions (P Risby) 23 June 2019 (307.4KB)
Intercessions (C Ledsam) 17 March 2019 (261.6KB)



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